Synthetic lab #1 -under construction!

Synthetic lab #1 -to be delivered in September

Our synthetic chemistry facilities comprise two laboratories, for a total of 58.7 square meters. They are scheduled for complete refurbishment and renovation by September 2016. Both are fully equipped for organic and coordination chemistry procedures, and provide a platform to work under inert atmosphere or controlled conditions.


On-site equipment includes:
• two fume hoods, all equipped with Schlenk lines
• one glove box with oxygen and water to levels below 0.5 ppm

• one glove box with oxygen and water to levels below 10 ppm
• one convection oven
• full equipment with optical microscopes, heating stir plates, analytical balances and rotary evaporators

• a full equipment of chemical glassware and all necessary consumables

• surface and nanomaterials treatment equipment, including a sonication bath, a shaker, Eppendorf micropipettes and a spin coater.


Support facilities:
Chemical characterization is done through a on-going collaboration with the Chemistry Department which has exceptional X-ray, NMR and Mass Spec facilities. Magnetic characterization is available through the physics department where we gain routine access to a Quantum Design MPMS XL SQUID Magnetometer.

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