Simen Sopp


D.Phil. student

Department of Materials and St.Cross College,

University of Oxford, 16 Parks Road

12-13 Parks Road, Room 40.08

OX1 3PH, Oxford, United Kingdom

e-mail: simen.sopp|at|

Tel: +47 472 35 528





I am interested in how energy transport behaves at the nanoscale in systems with low dimensionalities. In particular, I want to provide a better understanding of the dynamics of spin-dependent transport in nanostructures, which is fundamental for the technological development of spintronics.


My DPhil project is mainly about instrumentation of magnetic systems in extreme environments. This includes the development of a sensitive magnetometer with a fast-sweeping magnet at mK temperatures, which will provide new information about the magnetic properties of molecular magnets. Furthermore, I will develop a single-molecule EPR using a novel technique for single-spin detection.


Diplomas and distinctions:

2017   M.Sc. Ingénieur civil chimie et science des matériaux, à finalité spécialisée (avec grande distiction), Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium

2017   M.Sc. Advanced Functional Materials, Universität Augsburg, Germany

2013   B.Sc. Materials Science, University of Oslo, Norway


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