Cryogenics Lab

Our cryogenics Lab is co-run with Prof. Andrew Briggs and Dr. Natalia Ares, and includes:

  1. One
  2. One
  3. XXX
  4. Four Oxford Instruments dilution refrigerators, working down to 10 mK (base temperature), each equipped with: 48 highly filtered DC lines for single-molecule measurements; 6 high-frequency lines working up to 22 GHz; a three-dimensional vector magnet in a 6/1/1 T configuration; a fast-entry sample-loading system that allows cooling the samples down within 8 hours.

    These cryostats can currently measure:

    • A
    • EPR at
    • Torque magnetometry down to 500 mK and in a three-dimensional vector field.
    • Strong coupling of microwave photons to molecular magnets, using three- and two-dimensional cavities that can operate in mangetic fields.
    • Pulsed
    • Reflectometry
    • XX


We also routinely use the magnetometry facilities available in Oxford, including SQUID systems down to 1.8 K and 60 kOe.

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