Three selected publications


Christian Cervetti, Angelo Rettori, Maria Gloria Pini, Andrea Cornia, Ana Repollés, Fernando Luis, Martin Dressel, Stephan Rauschenbach, Klaus Kern, Marko Burghard, Lapo Bogani. The classical and quantum dynamics of molecular spins on graphene. Nature Materials, 15, 164-168 (2016).


Eric Heintze, Fadi El Hallak, Conrad Clauß, Angelo Rettori, Maria Gloria Pini, Federico Totti, Martin Dressel, Lapo Bogani. Dynamic control of magnetic nanowires by light-induced domain-wall kickoffs. Nature Materials, 12, 202-206 (2013).


Lapo Bogani, Wolfgang Wernsdorfer. Molecular spintronics using single-molecule magnets. Nature Materials, 7, 179-186 (2008).


All since 2015 (inception in Oxford)

All before 2015 (in other places)

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